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About Southern Harmony Softwash - Your Trusted Middle Tennessee Pressure Washer

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When we first opened Southern Harmony Softwash, our goal was simple: provide the best pressure washer and soft wash cleaning services in the greater Franklin, Tennessee, region. Almost a decade later, we think it's safe to say that we succeeded.

We opened our doors in 2012 with the intention of delivering unmatched pressure washer and soft wash cleaning in Franklin, Tennessee. In order to do this, we knew it would take more than just having the best quality commercial-grade pressure washer equipment available. We also made sure that we focused on delivering terrific results and constantly worked toward ensuring customer satisfaction.

Although we tout ourselves as pressure washer experts, we also deliver a wide range of related services that can benefit your home, business, or commercial property. From sanitization to concrete sealing, we've got you covered.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We're ready to help you clean your property and make it look like new.


Jason Hardin - Owner/Operator

Working in the service industry from the age of 15, I learned a lot from the various skills I acquired. The most important thing I learned was how to take care of clients. Anyone can learn the trade, but it takes a little something extra to pay attention to the needs of those we serve.

In early 2012, with a wife and a newborn relying on me, I decided to take a leap of faith and go out on my own. During those early days, my mantra remained constant: "Take care of those you serve, and the rest will fall into place". Fast forward 8 years and 5 babies later, that mantra has proven to be true. I've come to realize that is not just the work we do that satisfies my soul, but the true calling and fulfillment is in the service of others.

At Southern Harmony Softwash, we don't boast to be the cheapest in our industry, but we feel confident that you won't find better service anywhere. Consider us your personal concierge in the exterior cleaning industry, paying close attention to every last detail and request.

Our approach is a personal one, and repeat clients are the lifeblood of our business. I'm asking you to give us a shot to forge that lifelong relationship as your go-to guys for your exterior cleaning needs. You will not be disappointed.

Joel Hardin - Senior Advisor

Joel spent 27 years in the corporate world managing sales teams. He brings a level of experience to the table that is very unique to the service industry. He is vital in the role of customer relations as well as personnel decisions that come in the future. Don't let his white collar fool you though; he's not afraid to get out and get his hands dirty on the operations side of things.


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If you are looking for a pressure washer in the Franklin, TN area please call 615-423-8553, or complete our online request form.