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Southern Harmony Softwash: Chapel Hill's Premier Soft Wash Cleaning Services

Parking lot cleaning

If you're a home or property owner in the greater Chapel Hill region, and you're in desperate need of a high-quality soft wash cleaning service, then check out Southern Harmony Softwash.

For more than a decade, we've been the premier pressure washing and soft washing service company for people all across Chapel Hill, and we hope to become yours as well. With our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and our decades of combined pressure washing industry experience, you can rest assured knowing that we'll take care of your needs.

Below are a couple of the services available to Chapel Hill clients.

  • Concrete sealing: Concrete doesn't just need to be cleaned; it needs to be regularly sealed as well, especially if you find it cracking often. With our concrete sealing service, we'll restore your surfaces to their former glory.
  • Commercial washing: We love helping our residential clients across Chapel Hill, but we want everyone to know that we help commercial customers as well. Whether you own a small restaurant, or a large corporate park, you can rely on us for your pressure washing and soft washing needs.
  • Parking lot cleaning: Nobody is going to want to park in your lot if it looks dirty and poorly maintained. In order to keep your parking lot looking fresh and properly cared for, we highly advise you to check out our parking lot cleaning package.

These are only a few of the pressure washing and soft washing services we provide. To learn more about our soft wash cleaning packages for Chapel Hill home, business, and commercial property owners, we advise you to call us as soon as possible at 615-423-8553.

Proud To Be Chapel Hill's Number-One House Washing Service

You can have your Chapel Hill home spot-washed, but if you want the whole package, we advise you to look into our house washing service. We'll clean your home from top to bottom, getting into every corner and removing all traces of dirt and grime from the deepest corners of your residence. Roof, siding, doors, windows, walkways, and more are usually covered in our house washing services, but we recommend contacting us for exact details.

Make Your Chapel Hill Roof Sparkle With Our Roof Cleaning Package

Your roof can accumulate all kinds of gunk and grime over time, especially when there's frequent inclement weather. The algae, moss, mildew, mold, and other debris can slowly take over your roof and not only make it look unkempt and unclean, but it can also eat away at the actual material. This means the outdoor debris can creep into your home and cause structural damage or harm. You can avoid that by hiring us to conduct a thorough roof cleaning on a regular basis.

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