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Outstanding Playground Equipment Sanitization For The Middle Tennessee Region

Playground equipment

Southern Harmony Softwash has made a name for itself as a premier soft wash cleaning company in Franklin, but did you know we also offer playground equipment sanitization as well?

For years, we've been helping home, business, and commercial property owners with their pressure washing and soft wash cleaning needs, but in recent months, we've found a new niche that has helped many of our clients: sanitization.

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, people have been worried about picking up or dropping off germs and bacteria wherever they go. That has led to many people avoiding using public equipment or items, including playgrounds. It seems children are no longer allowed to have fun because of this constant worry. Luckily, there's a way to change that.

With our playground equipment sanitization package, we won't only remove all traces of grime and dirt from the equipment, but we'll also take extra steps to thoroughly sanitize it. We'll make sure we cover every single corner, getting into every nook and cranny so that when we're done, children and families can have fun on the equipment without having to worry about getting sick.

Remember: we all have to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. You can take massive steps toward this goal by taking advantage of our playground equipment sanitization package. Little by little, we're going to make outdoor play areas safe again so that families can embrace the new normal—but still have a chance to have some fun.

We're proud of delivering top-quality service, but in the unlikely event that something isn't up to your standards, we want you to know that we're there to help. Give us a call as soon as possible if you find that you're unhappy with anything. We'll do all that we can to ensure that you're left satisfied and smiling.

High-Quality Park Bench Sanitization For Your Property

Our exterior sanitizing services don't stop at playground equipment. Another location that can be a harbor for all kinds of germs and pathogens is a park bench. People want to use these areas to sit down and relax, but they constantly have to worry about whether they're picking up or dropping off any harmful foreign bodies. Luckily, with our park bench sanitization package, you can ease their worries and give them peace of mind.

If you're interested in learning more about our playground equipment sanitization or other soft wash cleaning in Franklin, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. When you call us, you'll get to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly associate who will walk you through the process and detail our exact battle plan for getting your property germ-free.

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