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We Offer Regular Park Bench Sanitization & Cleaning Services

Park benches

If you're in need of park benches sanitization services in the greater Columbia, then you're in luck, because Southern Harmony Softwash has got you covered.

Park benches can harbor all kinds of germs and pathogens that we might not consider. People want to use these areas to sit down and relax, but they constantly have to worry about whether they're picking up or dropping off any harmful foreign bodies. Luckily, with our park bench sanitization package, you can ease their worries and give them peace of mind.

With out park bench sanitization services, we'll make sure that your public resting places are clean and sterile, devoid of germs and bacteria that may affect your patron's health. Beyond the current pandemic of COVID-19, hundreds of natural bacteria dwell on outside services throughout the year. Don't take a chance - call Southern Harmony Softwash to protect your public places today!

Premier Playground Equipment Sanitization Packages In Columbia

Park benches are harbors for all kinds of bacteria and viruses, but you know what other area is especially prone to germs? Playground equipment.

This is why we offer playground equipment sanitization services to further help with the fight against germs. In order to let families enjoy the playground safely, you can hire us to come fully clean and sanitize the equipment on a regular basis. That way, we can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses while still making sure we're giving people the freedom to use the equipment.

Ready to find out more about our park bench sanitization or other related soft wash cleaning services in Columbia? Don't hesitate to give us a call today. When you reach out to us, a helpful and knowledgeable associate will take your call and address any of your comments or questions.

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