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House washing

Columbia home, business, and commercial property owners in search of a reliable house washing service: your prayers have been answered! Southern Harmony Softwash is the premier soft wash cleaning company dedicated to making surfaces around your property look as good as new.

Ever since we opened our doors back in 2012, we've been the go-to pressure washing business operating in the greater Columbia, TN region, and we want you to reap the benefits of our services as well. One particular service we want to talk about is house washing.

Your home's exterior can be exhausting to clean on your own without the right equipment or experience. Mold, mildew, moss, fungus, grime, and other unwanted pests can make their home on your siding, roof, window frames, and much more.

Our pressure washing team will get to work cleaning every inch of the outside of your home. This includes washing your roof, your siding, your walkways, your doorways, your windows, and more. No corner will be left untouched. After we're finished, you'll have a chance to look at your home and see just how much better it looks after a good, thorough, professional pressure washing.

If for any reason you're unsatisfied with our work, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. We will do all that we can to provide you with an effective solution that will keep you satisfied.

You may be wondering why it's so important to hire a house washing service. The fact is that not only will dirt and grime make your home look worn out and unkempt, but it can actually cause the material to deteriorate and compromise the overall structural integrity. Certain growths can eat away at the materials used in home construction, eventually leading to costly repairs down the road.

You can prevent this from happening by hiring our pressure washing or soft washing services. Call us at 615-423-8553 today.

Why Low-Pressure Washing Is Important For Your Home

Your house can include a variety of surfaces, including stone, brick, wood, vinyl, and more. One type of pressure washing won't get the job done for all these surfaces. You need to utilize different practices, including soft wash cleaning—also known as low-pressure washing.

With soft washing, we turn down the pressure level of our machines and add some special detergents and soaps into the mix. This combination allows us to safely and efficiently remove dirt and grime from more delicate surfaces around your property, including vinyl, screens, shingles, and more. We typically use soft washing as part of our house washing services, especially when we do roof cleaning.

Don't worry—our detergents and soaps are completely eco-friendly and won't cause any harm to you, your home, your property, or the environment.

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