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3 Reasons To Get Your Home Cleaned Before The Holidays

3 reasons to get your home cleaned before the holidays

It’s the end of summer, are you thinking about the holidays yet? They will be here before you know it. We’re already getting booked up for holiday cleanings, so this is a gentle (pun intended) reminder that if you aren’t thinking about preparing your home for guests, you should.

Softwashing, the safe alternative to pressure washing, has emerged as the most effective way to clean the exterior of your home without causing any damage. High-pressure washing can harm vinyl and wood siding, roof shingles, or cause uneven streaks and discoloration. Softwashing applies a gentle touch to remove grime and uses preventative detergents to ward off future growth.

Here Are Our 3 Top Reasons Why You Should Get Your Home Cleaned

  1. Curb Appeal: Before your guests come over for the holidays, give your house a facelift. Don’t decorate a dirty house when you can have it Softwashed first.
  2. Preventative Maintenance: Many people like to get their home cleaned as part of their annual maintenance. Softwashing removes fungus from your home and roof that could otherwise cause damage if not treated.
  3. Hazards & Health: Grimy walkways and decks can be a safety hazard if someone slips and falls. Filthy homes also harbor mold and mildew that take a toll on your health.

Call Southern Harmony Softwash today for a free estimate at 615-423-8553 or grab a quote online at:

We look forward to serving you during this holiday season.

3 reasons to get your home cleaned before the holidays 3 reasons to get your home cleaned before the holidays

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